This wiki chronicles the lore and history of the Avatar: The Last Airbender official Discord server.

Religion Edit

The only religion recognized by the Server is Bushyism, under the First Church of Miyuki.

History Edit

Once upon a time, there were 2 Avatar Discord servers in the Avatar subreddit. One server had around 340 members while the other one had less than 100. Goofy, a moderator of the subreddit, came onto the most populous Discord server and PM'd both gebora and Avatar Bolin. Bolin responded, and eventually learned that a single server was being created for the entire subreddit, with Goofy being the owner. Bolin thought this was an excellent idea, but was unsure about leaving the old server behind, since he had been a member since its creation and had many memories there. He eventually decided, though, that it was best to move on to a project that would bring together moderators from 2 of the subreddit's most prominent Discord servers and, ultimately, give members of the /r/TheLastAirbender a central Discord server to discuss Avatar and other things.

Avatar Bolin (known then as Captain of Misadventures, or "Cap"), gebora, Gempooh, and the rest of the bigger server's moderators met Cabbage-Patch, Guru, Lux, and the rest of the smaller server's mods. They, along with Goofy, started to work on the server. Tensions started to run high, however, when Goofy insisted on changing Dyno's welcome message multiple times. It was fine after 2 or 3 tweaks, but Goofy made the moderators change it about 6-8 times. The changes were small and insignificant; sometimes he would have them add/remove a word or add punctuation that didn't make a significant difference to the message itself. What's worse is that Goofy, being the owner of the server, had access to all of Dyno's functions, so he could have changed the welcome message himself. Instead, he placed that burden on the moderators and constantly pestered them about it. After that, Goofy got progressively more annoying and combative. The mods eventually confronted Goofy, calling him out for his irresponsible and immature behavior, which resulted in the de-modding and banning of all the moderators who disagreed with him. Goofy kept 2 or 3 mods who didn't argue with him. It dawned on the banned mods that Goofy created the server so that he could have all the power. He would de-mod those who disagreed with him and, at worst, ban them. A new server was created by Cabbage-Patch for the discussion of Goofy's actions. It was eventually decided that the subreddit mods would be contacted about Goofy's behavior; he was, after all, a member of the subreddit's moderating team. Guru got in contact with a subreddit mod named SexyToad and he talked to Goofy about his behavior, eventually convincing him to unban the server members who confronted him and give them their mod roles back.

Although they were given the opportunity to moderate Goofy's server again, the entire debacle left the once-banned mod team irritated and disgruntled. They decided to make the Goofy discussion server into the unified Avatar server that Goofy had attempted to create, with Cabbage-Patch as its owner. The server eventually opened to the public on October 24th, 2017, vying with Goofy's server and his new mod team for the honor of being the subreddit-endorsed Discord server. Cabbage-Patch's server ended up winning, and earned its rightful spot on /r/TheLastAirbender's sidebar. The fate of Goofy's server remains unknown, but it can be safely assumed that his server was deleted. Goofy was inevitably removed from the subreddit mod team.

The server did not become a place of memorable interaction until Bushy, the Bush God, graced the Server with his presence on January 27, 2018. With Bushy's omnipresence, activity in the server increased nearly ten-fold, in what is known as the Bushy Effect.

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